We are well equipped flexoplate trade shop located in Tartu, Estonia. We are glad to offer you high quality flexoplate production services.

For this purpose we use high-tech Esko Flexo CTP unit CDI Spark 4835 P+ (DuPont DigiFlow). Consistent quality of our plates is built upon the well planned workflow supported by Esko software suit, that is driven by our experienced team of operators. For the raw plate material we use wide range of digital flexopolymer plates with different thicknesses and hardness produced by DuPont. The washout process of our plates is solvent based.

Along with the plate production we provide repro services. Our skilled team of designers will fine-tune and shape your designs in order to meet the demands of your customers and achieve the best possible appearence in print.

In order to save the precious time that is being spent on design preparation and approval process, between all parties involved, we have implemented powerful web based communication tool called WebCenter. With this convenient application you and your customers can easily access, review and approve all designs that are being or have been processed by our team of designers. On any PC with Internet access you can browse your designs (projects), discuss, comment, approve and see how the actual rasterized image would look like before we make the plate. By means of the Webcenter you can collaborate with others online - within a mouse click you can establish connection with any person involved and show him your comments directly on the design itself. The pointers you or your partner make would appear simultaneously on the screens of your computers. It is convenient to have access to the WebCenter from the printer's point of view as well. We can also provide proofs using GMG OpenColor, ColorProof ja DotProof software and high quality A1 proofers Epson SureColor SC-P7000.